At Literatura, we share your passion for writing.

We offer a bespoke, personal service, so you can rest assured your work will be received and assessed by a professional editor who will work on your submission with care, compassion and integrity.

We do not use auto-generated editing tools, drag and drop software, free online editing apps, or AI to edit and proofread your work.

You can be confident that your work will never be outsourced to external organisations or individuals - all submissions are edited and proofread in-house.

Whilst we endeavour to return your work to you in the shortest possible time frame, we do not work to guaranteed timelines or rapid, and often unrealistic turn-arounds.

Please contact us in the first instance for a personal and reassuring response to your valued enquiry.

Up to 500 words


500 - 1000 words


1000+ words

£5.00 per 500 words

30,000+ words

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