Our Services

In addition to offering our bespoke editing and proofreading services, we also offer one-to-one consultations and small-group workshops for fiction writers on subject areas such as Show and Tell, Characterisation and Exposition, Point of View Narration, Dialogue Mechanics, Interior Monologue, Genre, Structure, and Voice.
Having even a basic understanding of these concepts, how they work, and how to put them to work, will undoubtedly enhance your writing skills, and take them to the next level.

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Our Services


A complete assessment of grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting.


Line, copy and developmental editing: Sentence and paragraph assessment and restructuring for clarity and cohesion. Tips, ideas, guidance and advice to really make your work outstanding.

For authors:

Ensuring your work follows a logical, chronological and thematic format.

For students:

Ensuring your dissertation, assignment or personal statement is concise, relevant, topical and engaging

For Business:

Ensuring your reports, project proposals, business plans and all business-related documents are clear, concise, accurate and eye-catching.

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